Trojan turns your PC into Bitcoin mining slave WIRED UK

A trojan that can hijack a computer and force it into mining for Bitcoins has been spreading via Skype.

A trojan that can hijack a computer and force it into mining for Bitcoins has been spreading via Skype. submitted by spsheridan to technology [link] [comments]

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Kaspersky Lab uncovers Skype-spread Trojan that forces your PC to crank out Bitcoins. ... This isn't the first time a Bitcoin mining Trojan has popped up, and malicious software that flat-out ... Skype trojan forces Bitcoin mining, security firm warns. Published. 8 April 2013. image caption The trojan soaks up almost all of the victim's computer processing power. Kaspersky Lab, an antivirus company, discovered malware last week that is transmitted through Skype. The malware takes control of your computer, then forces it to carry out what is called bitcoin mining, which consists of making your CPU solve the cryptographic algorithms that the currency is based on, thus benefitting the hackers that use other people’s computers to carry out said practice ... Bitcoin miners are then paid for the “mining” that they do for the network and this is the part. where hackers invade other people’s PCs to make their work faster and easier. Hackers simply. create or utilize malicious programs and spread them through online conversations like Skype, emails, and even a simple website browsing. Skype trojan forces Bitcoin mining, security firm warns . 8 April 2013. Hack attacks hit Bitcoin exchange rates . 4 April 2013. Video Bitcoins: Could virtual cash replace money? 31 March 2013.

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How to remove Trojan.BitCoinMiner Virus

Sometimes, you might wonder why some websites give you free access to very recent movies and TV series with very high quality all for Free. You should know Nothing is for Free. You probably have ... How to manually remove these little performance ruining bastards. These things are becoming the new epidemic. Most anti viruses don't detect them because the... What It Was Like MINING Cryptocurrency Full-Time For A Year Tails Health Update VoskCoin Rebrand - Duration: 23:44. VoskCoin Recommended for you Trojan.BitcoinMiner is a heuristic detection designed to generically detect a Trojan Horse. This threat can use your PC for Bitcoin mining. It can make your PC run slower than usual. Crypto Tab - Free Bitcoin Mining Sinhala - Daily $4 Income නිකන් ඉදලා BITCOIN වලින් සල්ලි හොයමු - Duration: 10:10. Koshitha Balasooriya Recommended ...